My Wedding Cupcake Tower!


I wanted to share photos of my wedding “cake” with you all!  If you are reading this blog, you’re likely as obsessed with desserts as I am, so I know you’ll appreciate these. 🙂  And no, I did not wind up making my own cupcakes – as many people warned me not too!  I think it was a very wise decision.  The cupcake tower structure that the cupcakes are sitting on are our latest product on  It worked wonderfully at the wedding!  We used it in our candy buffet, too for our hand-dipped chocolate covered items.  Yum!  Take a peek!!


My cake topper!  Yep, thats my pup on it, too 🙂


Here is the tower for the candy buffet.  We had around 40 pounds of other candy, too – like sour watermelons, chocolate covered pretzels, yogurt pretzels, chocolate covered gummy bears, neon sour worms, mini gummy bears, jelly rings, sour belts, and peachy penguins.  Guests got to take home a box full of candy!  We got all of our candy from


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